Luki left us on September 6th 2016.

During these two years of illness, in her daily life and in many different occasions, Luki proved us impeccable coherency with who she always was. Whether it was about giving back to a girl a ball stolen by her bratty brother or check that cats and pigeons crossed the road safely, she was always careful, vigilant, and always independent: once that everybody was safe, we could go back on the road.

At the center of her attention there was always the importance of people, their safeness, their well-being. And that of animals and plants: basically, life. This is what she devoted her life to.
In the political field, she fought injustice and with culture she created a strong and joyful community. Also, authentic. This is what made special, welcoming, inclusive the places and events she create. This is what made and make her be so loved. She was authentic and completely sincere in her love for lesbians and women. Politics, cinema, festivals, determination, all she hoped for was a richer world for women and lesbians.

I would like to invite all of you to rejoin in this spirit. Do and create what you think is missing in the world. We had fun doing the festival: for ourselves, because we liked it, and for your sake, because it made sense only if we shared it with all of you. It was a space that we wanted and built, and all together we populated it.
Even if in the pain we surely perceive a huge loss and privation, I think it is important for everybody right now to make her proud, keep passing the torch and DARE, which was her favorite verb. We dare to do, create. We follow no schemes, not only the mainstream society schemes, but we reject whichever scheme, small or big. We create the world we want, we create the things we want and that don’t exist in the world, as she did.
Luki surely had a short life, but full of love and meaning.

Marta Bencich