Cosa può un compost

Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer

Sunday 25 September h. 12:30 – Giardino Lorusso (In case of bad weather the event will take place in the Sala Scalo of Cinema Nosadella)

Book presentation of Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer (What a compost can do. Doing with feminist and queer ecologies).
with author Antonia Anna Ferrante.

Libreria delle donne will be present with copies of the book

Compost is a radically alternative model of cohabitation. It rejects hierarchy and supremacy, but also rationality and balance. It is a form of ecology, incompatible with those currently developed by Western culture. It is a queer kind of ecology, and it is time to make it our own in order to re-do the world, or rather, the worlds. Accessing the compost is possible only by letting go of feelings of melancholia towards our own identity, accepting to become something else, transforming individuality and togetherness. By doing so, we become a formation in which all uni- and multicellular bodies cooperate, negotiate, invade each other and become parasites, continuously changing their composition and surroundings, making it impossible to differentiate the elements.