Are you offering or looking for a place to stay during the festival? Contact us right away!

A.A.A. looking for an accommodation for Some Prefer Cake fans!
You’ve got a couch, a bed, a camp bed for one of the many fans coming to the festival?
An Airbnb or a free room from the 21st and 23rd of september?
Do you know of a hotel or B&B that could make a discount?
Help us get as many fans as possible from all Italy! Send us all information at we just need your contact informations, how many and for how many nights you can host people, and the location in Bologna where you offer a place. We will put you in touch with people searching.
Are you coming from outside Bologna and looking for an LGBTQI friendly and affordable place to stay? Send us an email with your contact informations, how many beds/rooms you’re looking for and for how many days at A festival volunteer will know how to guide you to find the hospitality you’re looking for.
The hospitality network in Bologna is ready to host you and we care that all people have the opportunity of living the Festival atmosphere at its best!

Photo: Roberta Sardi – studioWood