In the dedication to Luki of this year’s festival, it was important to also give space to her activist work, to her political and passionate gaze towards women and the world.
Luki was able to develop these in different forms: from activism to cinema (both as a film director and festival director), and also photography. Researching in her photographic archive, we chose two exhibits that represent two different sides of her approach, one intimate and experimental, and the other documentarist and ironic.


PUNTI DI CON/TATTO (Points of con/tact)
“Punti di con/tatto” (Points of con/tact) is one of Luki’s personal collections exhibited in Italy, France and Spain.
«A studio-made work, a research based on the instant, the description of an encounter, whose beginning and end are unknown. It could be an encounter between a steady couple or two strangers. It doesn’t matter, that is not what I want to convey, which is instead letting the viewer chose the instant based on their desire. I personally leave as a clue the perception of the time flow in itself. And the con/tact.»

A gallery of photographic portraits realized by Luki during the 1994 Europride in Amsterdam: a journey among the many faces of lesbian visibility and pride.


The exhibitions take place in the basement of the Nuovo Cinema Nosadella and the entrance is free of charge, from the 21st to the 24th of september.