Feminist Art - Some Prefer Cake 2020


September 20 h. 18.30 – Giardino Lavinia Fontana – Centro delle donne di Bologna – Via del Piombo 7

Preview presentation of “Feminist Art. Women who have revolutionized art” by Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti (Centauria, 2020), in collaboration with Orlando association and Human Rights Nights, as part of Fucsia Summer Festival 2020.
Authors Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti will be present.

“Feminist Art” is the first graphic novel telling about how women changed art forever.
During the 60’s and 70’s the whole world was shaking, fighting, thinking and creating change: those were the years of the civil rights movement, of student protests and the second wave feminism. The feminist art movement has its origins in this moment of great political, cultural and social change, becoming, during the 80’s, activist art. The goal was to transform stereotypes, creating for the first time safe spaces and opportunities for women in the field of the arts to express their bodies and identities. Basically, the goal was to reject the representation of women enacted by men throughout the history of art. Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti tell us about those women artists who defined themselves as feminists and that have made feminism part of their poetic inspiration. Judy Chicago, Faith Ringgold, Ana Mendieta and the Guerrilla Girls are the epitomes of four different reflections and crucial breakthroughs, challenging marginalization beyond the construct of gender. Their world is made of bodies and colorful fabrics where stories of resistance come together with malicious flowers, flesh and plants: words that cannot be forgotten.

Feminist Art - Some Prefer Cake 2020