Help with Some Prefer Cake 2018, be part of the SPC STAFF!

Do you want to participate actively to the the Festival? Join our staff!
Do you want to fully profit of the 3 fabulous days of the festival? Have fun with us, know the guests, make an enriching and stimulating experience?

There are many ways of participating:
The cinema: be at the center of the attention! Help us manage the stages of public hospitality, as an usher managing tickets, vote papers, counting entries…
The exhibits: if you’ve an eye for setting up an exhibition, you like to be helpful in a practical way and follow the instruction of the curators, we need a lot of help and attention to set up.
Spreading infos: in your favorite bar, library, record store, at the beach, where you best prefer…Help us “contaminate” every friendly (also not friendly) environment, with the news and festival flyers!
With the guests: take care of the festival guests and you’ll get the chance to get to know interesting characters of the international film and cultural panorama.
Documenting: are you good the camera or video? Document the festival with your unique gaze!
Practical assistance for the equipment: our audio and video technicians will need help moving the audio system, cables and lights, don’t leave them alone!
Runner: do you like to drive? If you own a car, you could go get and give a ride to the guests and jury.

For you: you’ll get an entry pass to the SPC screening and events! You’ll freely attend to the international premiers and all festival events. Being a volunteer is a great way to get to know new people, watch amazing films and be at the core of the festival…Write us at:


Photo: Roberta Sardi – studioWood