X edition

Rebel women and lesbians

Some Prefer Cake keeps going and gets this year to its 10th edition. “We were never meant to survive”, this is what Audre Lorde’s fundamental words remind us. It wasn’t sure that the festival, born in 2006 and fostered by the passionate creativity of Luki Massa and Marta Bencich, would carry on.
Luki left us on September 2016, and Marta helped us cope collectively with this extremely painful loss through her emotional involvement in last September’s festival edition dedicated to Luki, our outsider-sister. As of this year, in the name of the Luki Massa association, the torch is passed on to the artistic direction of Comunicattive. We take this torch, willing to take care of a precious project like Some Prefer Cake, but we will not do it alone. Together with us, motivated by the desire of giving continuity to this precious project, some companions of ours of the Fuoricampo Lesbian Group will be present. They have always been at the organizational core of the festival and are now part of the Luki Massa Association.
Some Prefer Cake goes on also thanks to the involvement and generosity of a political and affectionate, mobile and open community of lesbians and feminists. The goal is that of preserving a time/space dimension of visions, words, meetings that in the last 12 years helped us share a plural imaginary of lesbianism as experience, positioning and political practice. This dimension is very much needed and desired by many of us, even more during this historical time in which new and old fascisms tighten up racism, repression, violence against those who fight, rebel, boycott the neoliberal and neofundamentalist systems of patriarchal power.
“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” remind us the black feminists in the USA. Women, feminists, lesbians, trans people, migrants, queer people, gathering around the whole world, fighting and creating places of resistance, tell us that this is true.
Through lesbian cinema, Some Prefer Cake participates in this fight, giving visibility to women’s and rebel non-conforming lesbian’s stories, resilient and exceeding individuals who fight against heteronormativity, illness, loneliness, environmental destruction, fascism. Always with no heroism, but courage, rage, desire, joy, collective strength and tons of irony. And always stubbornly willing to create and keep alive those spaces to imagine, build and make visible our story.