Silvana - SPC2018


Directed by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring & Christina Tsiobanel – Sweden, 2017

With her unapologetic verses against every form of oppression, the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam charmed the Scandinavian region. Her razor sharp tongue puts the spotlight on today’s movement, giving voice to an entire generation. The movie follows her path as an underground artist to icon, through the win of several important prices and her almost mythical relationship with the Swedish pop artist Beatrice Eli.
After being under the spotlight, however, Silvana crumbles under the pressure, tired of being labelled as a “strong woman”. That’s how she decides to show a new side of herself, “because there’s no superheroes, just human beings”

Why watch the movie?

The story of lesbian rapper Silvana catches those who love her music, but it is able to excite even those who are not fans of the genre: a pure mixture of feminist “pussy power”, antiracist, powerful and vulnerable at the same time.
(Maia Pedullà)

Saturday 22.09 – h 20.00