Directed by Leilah Weinraub – Usa, 2018

The Shakedown was a series of parties organized by and for Afroamerican women in Los Angeles, characterized by go-go-dancers and strippers exhibitions, looking at the lesbian underground scene of the town. The intimate reportage shows the backstage and the interviews made with the protagonists of the events, demonstrating that the Shakedown was much more than a simple strippers club: it in fact represented one of those few spaces reserved to the lesbian subculture, that united and excited an entire black, freak and queer community.

Why watch the movie?

A crazy historical document: birth, peak and decline of the lesbian black Shakedown Angels strippers. 71 minutes of interviews and performances extracted by over 400 hours of recordings.
(Giorgia Tolfo)

Sunday 23.09 – h 14.00